a genuinefull-stack approachto React development

Modern front-end tools have changed the way we expect the web platform to behave. They also made us forgot some of the fundamentals and kinda make shipping.. harder.

Remastered is a full-stack framework based on React, that puts routing as the center of your application. That means owning back the entire stack, leveraging HTTP to its fullest capabilities and shipping faster with great confidence, without risking developer experience.

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Remastered is packed with greatness

  • Open source

    Owning your stack is important. Trying before committing to a solution is even more important. Freedom provides everyone the ability to create something and become a better developer. And if something is broken... we can all fix it together!
  • URL-first approach

    The web is focused around hyperlinks. Remastered embraces URLs as the most important building block. Use file-system routing to declare URLs, and allow customers to share the experience of your app with the world.
  • Server-side rendered SPA

    Make sure your app loads as fast as it can, with no jitter and "flash of unstyled content". Remastered serves your application ready for action, even before JavaScript loads. And when it loads, it acts as if you were building a single-page-application, providing the great modern user-experience your customers expect from a modern web-app.
  • Hot module reloading

    Don't squint! See the changes on your development environment once you save a file! By leveraging Vite, a futuristic JavaScript bundler that ensures you get the best and fastest developer experience, no matter what size is your app.
  • Convenient data fetching

    Instead of throwing useEffect everywhere, In Remastered, every route can expose a co-located server-side data loader which gets fetched automatically and stored in the history stack. All you have to do is call a React hook to get it, synchronously.
  • Automatic code-splitting

    Only ships assets your clients need to interact with the page they are visiting. Remastered will download the assets needed for new interactions as soon as they are needed.
  • Titles and Meta Tags

    The <title> and the <meta> are the way to share metadata about the current page in the web platform. They can't be an afterthought! Remastered takes it very seriously and provides an easy way to declare metadata for the current page, allowing search engines and screen-readers to easily understand what they are going to experience.
  • And so much more.

    So many more stuff are baked in. Just come and read the docs to learn more!

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