Autogenerated Types

Remastered is a TypeScript-first framework. This is why we try to give you powerful utilities and types to allow the compiler know as much as it can, to help you develop software quicker and safer.

When running Remastered in development mode, and by running a production build of Remastered, the routing types will be automatically generated for you. You can also trigger it by calling remastered generate.

This is extra handy by doing it on CI, to allow the compiler to check for broken links: 😉

npx remastered generate && npx tsc

<ParamLink route params>

The ParamLink component allows you to link into a specific route, while inferring the route parameters and ensure you pass the correct types and names:

import { ParamLink } from "remastered";

function MyTweetLink() {
  return (
      params={{ userId: "galstar", tweetId: "1234" }}
      Go to tweet

routePath(route, params)

The routePath function is exactly like the ParamLink component, but allows you to get the URL pathname itself, instead of using a React component 😃

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