What is Remastered

It's been almost two decades since Rails emerged, taking the world by storm. Writing full-stack applications was never so easy. One could literally build a blog engine in 15 minutes. Back then, what was considered full-stack was mainly in the back-end. It was about writing database queries and generating HTML as a result.

Fast forward to the year 2021. We have witnessed the Renaissance era of front-end development, with tools like Angular, React, Vue and Svelte. And however, building software today is not as easy as it was a decade ago. These days, customers expect a snappy and interactive website. Customers expect best-in-class accessibility. And with that, customers still need the core of your business to work, and to be working great.

Some approaches were already taken to make front-end engineering closer to what we have known in the Rails days. Solutions like Next.js immediately comes to mind. These solutions are mostly about Single Page Applications, where you want to host your website statically. Most solutions are also tied to a specific deployment target.

Remastered is a fresh take, which takes more of an old-school vibe:

  • DX + UX: You can use new tools to provide great user experience, without sacrificing developer experience for rapid prototyping.
  • Own your stack: Host your app anywhere you want
  • TypeScript-first: Use TypeScript and JavaScript, the two top-known and widely-available programming languages in the world, to develop your app.
  • React: At it's core, Remastered is a full-stack React framework, with baked-in routing and data-fetching. React is one of the leading front-end libraries which allow developers to get up started quickly.
  • Data-fetching: Remastered allows you to co-locate data-fetching calls with a back-end function. Suspense is built-in. Remove all of these loading spinners, and program as if everything is synchronous.
  • Route-first: The web is focused around URLs. There's no reason why our app should not be so either. Remastered is built around React Router, the most used routing library exists for React.

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